Jackknifing Accidents

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There are many ways a commercial truck can get into an accident and harm others. Perhaps one of the worst forms of truck accidents is the jackknife accident, which involves the truck bending at the connection point between the tractor and trailer, almost like how a jackknife folds into its own handle. As the contorted truck bends and loses control, it can slam into motorists across several lanes of a highway, causing widespread damage.

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Compensation we may be able to collect for you could include:

  • Initial medical bills
  • Cost of ongoing hospitalization
  • Rehabilitation therapy fees
  • Property repair or replacement
  • Lost or reduced wages
  • Emotional trauma

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What Causes a Jackknife Accident?

When a truck is properly maintained and prepared for transport, it can be considered a safe piece of machinery, despite its large size and weight. When the right protocols and precautions are not followed, commercial trucks become moving hazards. Jackknife accidents are the result of poor safety protocols.

In particular, jackknifing is more likely when the trailer behind the tractor portion of the truck is overloaded or loaded incorrectly. This causes a weight imbalance between the front and the back of the vehicle. If the brakes are slammed suddenly, the imbalanced trailer will not react predictably but instead will swing wide, continuing with its own forward momentum until it forms the telltale jackknife shape.

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