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Commercial trucks, big rigs, 18-wheelers, and vehicles of similar design all require near-constant maintenance to be highway safe. Parent trucking companies have the responsibility to always ensure their fleets and drivers representing them or carrying their freight are having maintenance conducted on the vehicles at proper intervals. Any accident that subsequently occurs due to a part failure could place liability completely on the trucking company and not the injured motorist.

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Consequences of Poorly Maintained Trucks

Every part of a commercial truck is crucial for its safe operation. When just a single piece is allowed to go unmaintained or is repaired incorrectly, the result can be catastrophic.

A commercial truck without proper maintenance schedules may experience failures such as:

  • Tires come loose due to loose lug nuts
  • Trailers become unhinged over bumpy roads
  • Brakes completely fail
  • Steering capabilities are reduced

Any of these situations could feasibly cause an accident that would have been preventable had maintenance been performed. Injured motorists should not be the ones to pay for their own damages when they had no part in what caused the accident. Talk to us during an initial consultation to discover if your claim is legally sound.

Injuries During a Truck Accident

When a truck is not maintained and it causes a truck accident, there is no predicting what sort of harm it can cause to others. Across all truck accidents, however, the damage is usually catastrophic due to the size and weight of the commercial truck. The recovery amounts necessary could range well into the thousands of dollars.

Injuries that can occur in the typical truck accident include:

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