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Anesthesia is an incredibly useful tool in the medical realm, as it allows a number of medical practices and procedures to take place when they otherwise wouldn’t be able to. To go under anesthesia means generally to be put to sleep while a doctor, nurse, or other medical professional performs a procedure on you. While it is meant to help you feel no pain during an otherwise painful process, if anesthesia or other medication is not administered correctly, it can lead to grave errors.

If you or a loved one suffered due to an anesthesia accident or medication error, our team of medical malpractice lawyers at Injury Law Center want to help. We will fight on your half to obtain compensation on behalf of what you have endured, including compensation for your resulting medical bills, loss of wages or work, and pain and suffering.

Our medical malpractice lawyers can help you in the event of the following, including but not limited to:

  • Overmedication
  • Under-medication
  • Over-sedation
  • Prescription mistakes
  • Drug errors or mix-ups
  • Anesthesia malpractice
  • Nursing malpractice

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If you or a loved one has suffered from medical malpractice in the form of an anesthesia accident or medication error, our team of medical malpractice attorneys at Injury Law Center will fight for you. We understand just how debilitating it can be to go into a medical procedure expecting to be taken care of, and then come out of it worse off than before. This is why we pride ourselves on being your legal advocate during this difficult time, as we intend to hold responsible parties accountable for the mistakes they have made and the consequences which have resulted from that.

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