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Injury Law Center Obtains $250K Settlement in Spine Injury Case

Car Window Broken The Injury Law Center is thrilled to report that we have obtained a settlement of $250,000 for a young woman who sustained a spine injury requiring a cervical fusion surgery following a highway collision. The $250,000 settlement maxed out the entire uninsured motorist (UM) policy.

The facts of the case involve a New Hampshire resident who was severely injured while driving her boyfriend’s car in Massachusetts when a “phantom vehicle” caused a three-car collision due to an erratic lane change maneuver. The phantom vehicle fled and left a scene of wreckage behind him.

Attorney Joe Russo was able to go through the young woman’s boyfriend’s insurance company to file an uninsured motorist (UM) claim. He explained “UIM/UM insurance is designed to protect the injured party in this exact scenario – your client is hit by a motorist with inadequate insurance or no insurance. In the case of the “hit and run driver,” the offender is treated as uninsured which triggers a UM claim. In the case of the “phantom driver” who causes a collision, but doesn’t make contact with your client, the offender is also treated as uninsured if you can prove your client wasn’t negligent.”

He went on to comment: “we were able to recover for our client in this case because although she was not hit by the phantom vehicle, the offender’s erratic lane change caused a three-car spinout resulting in my client getting rear-ended and pushed into the concrete median. Since our client was not related to her boyfriend and wasn’t living in his house, she didn’t have to be listed on his policy for her to pursue a UM claim.”

“This young woman suffered a really horrific injury. We are happy that she was able to get every penny available – especially right before the holidays.”

Client Reviews
After my accident I was in so much pain and so confused that I didn't know where to go, so I contacted the Injury Law Center. Joe would sit and he would listen and talk to me and hear what I was saying and what was really going on with me. He explained everything. It really made a difference and gave me a peace of mind. I knew that he knew me well enough to take care of my best interests. He heard the story behind everything and made sure that the insurance company had to take action. Deb Brosnan
If someone I cared for was going to be going through something like this I would definitely recommend Injury Law Center as your first point of reference. My case went on for a very long time, over a year, and we were on very good terms the entire time. Attorney Russo came to visit me several times in the hospital and brought me things to do in rehab. They were very supportive the entire time. Injury Law Center was able to exceed my expectations and I am able to live comfortably without having to work. Valerie
I had a car accident that affected my business and my ability to deal with insurance companies was very difficult. Joe stayed the course and we were offered very fair compensation.I think it was because of Joe and the hard work of the team. It was a very long trial but it turned out to be in our favor which we were very happy about. Mat Morello