Attorney Russo Receives $400,000 Verdict on Behalf of HVAC Repairman

The Injury Law Center is happy to report that Attorney Joseph Russo recently received a $400,000 verdict on behalf of a hard working HVAC repairman in a medical malpractice case brought in Rockingham Superior Court against Parkland Medical Center.

The case involved an emergency room nurse’s failure to treat the patient’s needle phobia which caused him to suffer a vasovagal event within minutes of receiving an injection resulting in him collapsing to the floor and sustaining severe facial injuries.

Attorney Russo stated “medical malpractice cases are extremely difficult and sophisticated. We went up against one of the oldest and biggest medical malpractice defense firms in New Hampshire and came out of top. This case had five medical experts with backgrounds in nursing, otolaryngology, oral surgery, and neurology. The case was dog fight from start to finish.”

He states “I am so proud of this jury. They followed the evidence, uncovered the truth, and ultimately did the right thing by compensating our client fully and fairly for his injuries caused by Parkland Medical Center. The hospital tried to bully us from the very beginning, but we wouldn’t back down and this verdict is a testament to our fortitude.”


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