Obtained a $300,000 Settlement for a Slip & Fall at Local Restaurant

Attorney Russo and Attorney Broderick are pleased to report that they recently obtained a $300,000 settlement at mediation for a young woman who sustained a fractured tailbone after slipping and falling at a local restaurant.

Attorney Russo commented “this was a great result, slip and fall cases are very difficult to prove. Ultimately, the plaintiff is responsible for proving that the restaurant knew, or should’ve known, that there was a foreign substance located on the floor. If the plaintiff doesn’t see a spill, or can’t articulate what the substance even is, it is extremely difficult to prove how long it was on the floor and why the restaurant should’ve known about it. We worked very hard in this case to come up with facts which supported our theory – that the location of the fall was in a highly trafficked area in the restaurant where there should’ve been a mat placed over the tile floor because servers carrying plates of food and buckets of dirty dishes in and out of the kitchen were bound to drop something. We actually hired a professional engineer to conduct a scene inspection of the restaurant in order to build this evidence.”

Attorney Russo went on to state that “a big reason that the case settled for a high number is that we were able to leverage the severity of our client’s injury. Our client suffered permanent nerve damage as a result of her fall and we retained a number of experts to flesh out the mechanism of injury and how it affected her life. Not a lot of firms are willing to make the financial investment to build up the damages component of their cases. We have found that the investment in the right experts has a dramatic effect on the final value of the case.”


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