$59,000 Jury Verdict on Behalf of a Union Laborer

Attorney Russo just recorded a $59,000 jury verdict in Middlesex Superior Court in Lowell, MA on behalf of a hard working union laborer who was bit in the hand by his neighbor’s dog while breaking up a dog fight in the lobby of his building.

Attorney Russo reported “in Massachusetts, if a dog bites someone, then provided that the person who was bit was not teasing, tormenting, or abusing the a dog, the owner is responsible for any damages caused as the result of the dog bite. It doesn’t matter if the dog owner was negligent or if the dog was dangerous. The Massachusetts dog bite statute, MGL c.140 sec. 155, is a strict liability statute.”

“The insurance company in this case, Liberty Mutual, dragged this case out for years. They actually argued our client’s own dog bit his hand. Liberty tried to see if we would cave before trial and take a lower number than the case was worth. Obviously we didn’t, and got a jury verdict which more than doubled their ‘best and final’ number.”

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