Injury Law Center Secures $188K Settlement in Aggravation Injury Claim

Our New Hampshire personal injury attorneys at The Injury Law Center are proud to be able to announce that we have obtained an $188,000 settlement for a car accident claim that included aggravated injuries. In general, aggravation cases are considered a legal uphill battle for plaintiffs due to the fact that the defense can try to lean on the plaintiff’s preexisting injury and attribute all damages to it. To bring such a sizeable settlement to our client is a great victory that we feel is worth sharing.

We represented a middle-aged woman who was driving down the street when she was suddenly rear-ended by a negligent driver. The impact was so powerful that it threw her into an out-of-control spin and into oncoming traffic. Before her car was even settled, she was struck again by another driver that did not anticipate her car being tossed into the oncoming lane.

As a result of the collision, our client sustained a partial thickness shoulder tear and an aggravation of a degenerative cervical and lumbar disc disease. This aggravation exacerbated her radiculopathy symptoms, which required conservative treatment by means of repeat epidural steroid injection therapy. Overall, her necessary treatments were as extensive as her injuries were painful. She was more than deserving of a maximized compensation that considered as many forms of damages as were applicable to her claim.

With our focus, investigative skills, and personal injury case experience, we were able to compile a convincing argument that the insurance company representatives took seriously. Instead of being dragged through litigation, our client was able to get a settlement comparatively quickly, saving her the trouble of having to wait. At the case’s successful conclusion, Attorney Joe Russo commented, “Aggravation cases are always difficult because they have a built in preexisting injury defense. We were able to obtain a tremendous result that we would expect to see deep in litigation based on the preparation that went into presenting this case to the insurance adjuster. This result allowed her to obtain just compensation right out of the gate.

To learn more about the Injury Law Center and our victories, you can review our recent case results and client testimonials. If you need the help of our New Hampshire personal injury attorneys for a claim of your own, we encourage you to contact us at any time to request a free case evaluation.


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